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Foundational  Verse:

“ This is My commandment: love one another as I have loved you.  There is no greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  It was not you who chose Me,  it was  I who chose you to go forth  and bear fruit.  Your fruit must endure, so that all you ask the Father in My name He will give you. John 15: 12-13, 16

Pastoral - Community Work

It is tasked to oversee the Pastoral Care Program of the BLD  Toronto District Covernant Community in response to God’s covenant love, by nurturing and caring for each other, thus bringing to maturity in Christ, all those whom the Holy Spirit has entrusted in the Community.

Programs under the Apostolate

Duties & Responsibilities


General Objectives:

To oversee the Community’s pastoral care program for all disciples by:

1. Ensuring the sound implementation and development of the Community’s pastoral care system in the District;
2. Assisting in the identification and development of the spiritual gifts of the Community’s Disciples;
3. Enabling the observance of standards and pre-requisites for shepherding and pastoral care;
4. Managing the provision of personal, prayerful and shepherding resources .

Specific Objectives:

1. To review and install enhanced, responsive and workable Pastoral Care system that will ensure the timely delivery of pastoral care to all members of the Community.
2. To design a standard format and schedule for Word Sharing sessions for all Districts and formulate in collaboration with the Formation Stewards topical subject matters for discussion and guide questions for reflection;
3. To assist in  providing an effective mechanism for a reliable Database that can be utilized for the development, management and harnessing of the Community’s human resources towards the fulfillment of its mission, vision and charism.
4. To develop and recommend a continuing training program for  Circle Shepherds
5. To empower a pool of fully trained spiritually prepared Circle Shepherds in the community through regular consultation and training.
5. To establish a pastoral program for the development of members’ spiritual and natural gifts., through WSC, Retreats, Recolections and Fellowship.
6. Together with the other members of District Council of Stewards, formulate a set of operational policies and procedures with respect to members’ transfer from one district to another, movements from one formation stage to another, re-entry, etc.
7. To establish pastoral evaluation system and management guidelines that will address the personal needs/concerns of the members of the Community.
8. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Pastoral Care Program in all the Districts and District-in-Process.


a.   To give pastoral care to Circle members.
b.   To preside \ facilitate the Word Sharing Circle sessions.
c.   To aid Circle members in building sound interpersonal relationship in the Lord within the Circle, in their respective families and with others within and outside the Community.
d.   To motivate the presence of Circle members in the Worship Service, WSC and other gatherings in the Community and for service in the Community mission.
e.   To share in the function of Community governance by communicating and fostering the values, norms and policies of the Community.
f.   To identify special gifts and talents of Circle members as sharers, teachers, worship leaders, praise, intercessors, and others.
g.   To submit and give feedbacks and evaluation to Ministry Coordinators on the Circle members’ spiritual growth, needs and concerns.
h.   To support and help the Ministry Coordinators in all ministry activities.


a. To implement the Pastoral Care program of the Community in the District.
b. To evaluate regularly the Pastoral Care Program and suggest \ initiate improvements to enhance the effectivity of the program within the District.
c. To pastor coordinators under the District Pastoral Apostolate.

Programs and Activities:


  • Circle Shepherds Assembly – May 28, 2008 – OLA Basement Hall
  • Rekindling Program – On going
  • Single Encounter # 11 – June 13-15, 2008
  • BLD North America Youth Inter District Conference – August 15-17. 2008


BLD Office: 
Our Lady of Assumption Church – 2565 Bathurst St. Toronto Ontario
416- 787-7703

DCS Pastoral – Ed & Lu Dumlao 
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