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Youth Ministry

Foundational verse:

“ Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct , your love, faith and purity.” TIM 4:12


  • To plant the seed of faith in the heart of the new youth members by introducing Jesus in their daily lives at this very important phase of their life through our Youth Encounter (YE) retreat and the Youth Life in the Spirit Seminar (YLSS).
  • Strengthen the faith of the youth by incorporating God’s words in their daily lives through weekly living word group.
  • Endeavour to help them to know God, praise and worship Him through weekly youth praise and worship and serve Him with joy in their hearts through the various activities of the Youth Ministry.
  • Discover and develop God given gifts and talents of these young people to enable them to use these gifts/talents to help other youths.
  • Encourage and develop youth members to be future prayer leaders, youth leaders, sharers, YLSS shepherds and YLSS/YE facilitators/coordinators.


Events and activities:

  • Weekly Praise and Worship
  • Youth’s weekly Praise practice
  • Sports night and Halloween bowling
  • Youth Inter-district Conference
  • YM Christmas Party
  • Scheduled Teachings and Talks


Youth Life in the Spirit Seminar (YLSS) 
Youth Encounter (YE) : Summer

Photo Gallery:

Toronto Youth Encounter (YE)

YE # 12

YE # 13

YE # 14

YE # 15

YE # 16

YE # 17

YE # 18

Toronto Youth Life in the Spirit Seminar (YLSS)

YLSS #12

YLSS #13

YLSS #14

YLSS #15

YLSS #16

YLSS #17


Youth InterDistrict Conference (YIDC)

2010 YIDC Long Island

2012 YIDC Rockland

2014 YIDC Trenton

2016 YIDC Maryland (Sponsored by BLD Washington DC Youth Ministry)




2009 Praise & Worship Workshop - St. Catharines

2010 YE#2 Cincinnati

2011 YLSS # 1 St. Barnabas Church, Scarborough

2012 Proudly Pinoy - Toronto Catholic Disctrict School Board

2012 YE # 3 Detroit

2013 Praise & Worship Workshop - St. Catharines

2015 St. Catherine of Siena Church, Mississauga, Confirmation Retreat

2015 YLSS # 1 GVO - Guelph

2015 Praise & Worship Workshop - Cincinnati

2016 Praise & Worship Workshop - Guelph

2016 YE # 3 Cincinnati

Other Events & Activities

  • 25th Anniversary BLD Toronto


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