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Solo Parents Encounter # 7

…and twenty-one more were added to their numbers...


“Look around you and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting…
One sows and another reaps.” John 4:35b, 37

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Even at the outset, it was evident that this Solo Parents Encounter Class #7 will be somewhat different from the past SPE’s. We see in this class the fruits of the various BLD Missions.  From St. Barnabas in Scarborough, we have four graduates; from St. Margaret Mary in Hamilton, we have four graduates; and from BLD St. Catharines, we have two graduates – that’s almost half of those who attended.  Indeed, the Holy Spirit blows where He chooses and all we can do is respond in awe!


To be sure, there will be some difficulties for this new class to get together often in order to maintain the bond that began at the weekend.  Their sheer distance from one another could be quite a challenge, but we are confident that because it was the Spirit who called, He Himself will provide the means and He will reveal the fullness of His plan in time. Sometimes we are called to sow and sometimes we are called to reap, but it is He who provides the growth.

Truly, the Holy Spirit has been preparing the Solo Parents Ministry all along.  First, the ministry has evolved into one united group working together with no divisions between the classes.  This was beautifully evident during the Harana when everyone blended into one formation, regardless of encounter class number.  Secondly, the Spirit had called a few people from the different parishes/missions to join in the previous SPE’s.  Likely, they will now be instrumental in building the bond between the new graduates and the rest of the Solo Parents Ministry and the rest of BLD Community.   With joyful expectation, we now wait and see how the Spirit will move.  Alleluia!

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