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Inaugural Praise & Worship at Open in spirit to God(BLD)St. Francis Xavier in Mississauga

"The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world. It holds all things together.”
~Wisdom 1:7


What an awesome God we serve! His power, greatness and omnipotent ways unfolds right before our eyes in all the mission endeavours in building communities of faith whether it is a Praise & Worship, a teaching, an ME or LSS.   Truly He is the master planner and controller of all things who orchestrates these BLD Mission projects and brings forth “harvest in due season” all fired up after the anointed and spirit filled activity.


Prepare the way of the Lord.”
~Matthew 3:3b

The call continues.

”Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?”
~Mark 16:3b


We are called to rise in all directions with the healing presence of our lives.
We are called to help others experience Resurrection.

How do we respond to the call? Christ-like.



  1. Solicits the endorsement of the Parish Priest of the District for presentation of the BLD Community Development Program to other Parish Priests within the Archdiocese.
  2. Develops a proforma outline of the BLD Community Program for presentation either to the Bishop or to the Parish Priest.
  3. Maintains good rapport and relationship with the Auxiliary Bishops, their second in command, and other priests, in order to have wide acceptance in all levels of the church hierarchy.
  4. Maintains a list of all BLD members and their respective parishes for possible programs that can be offered to their parishes.
  5. Familiarizes and equips through the BLD Formation, mission workers with the following basic church teachings and other Community formation:

• Church of the Poor
• Basic Catechesis
• • Pastoral Care
• Cooperative Formation
• Value Formation

Parish Services Coordinators:

Bert & Cecile Cruz


Tony & Menchie Villanueva

Contact us:

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