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Foundational verse

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings, announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing salvation…..” (Is. 52:7 NAB)

"If you knew the gift of God and who is saying to you, "Give me a drink", you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.........whoever drinks the water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. "
(John 4:10-14 NAB)

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Word Ministry has been entrusted the responsibility, through print and electronic media, to spread the good news of the Lord and enlighten the hearts of the readers.

Through the weekly publication, and electronic copy, active and non-active members are provided spiritual nourishment through the Community’s Counsel, direction, word, themes and promises.

Main Activities:

1. To publish the weekly “Living Water” (every Friday).
Plan, write, edit, publish and distribute the Living Water to members.

When the new members of the Word Ministry were set in place in 2006, one of the mandates given by the Formation DCS was to use the Living Water not only as a bulletin to publish the weekly Counsel, reflections for the month, schedules for BLD teachings and other activities, announcements from various ministries, but also to serve as a medium of evangelization- to bring the good news of the Lord.  Thus, content and format of the Weekly Living Water had to be revised.  One of the noticeable changes is the color of the publication. We use three colors to follow the colors of the liturgical calendar: white for the Sundays in Ordinary Time, green for Advent, and purple for Lent. We research and print articles relevant to the feast of the season or theme of the week. We also welcome articles of interest sent in by the  members.

Currently the Living Water is published every Friday as a 2 page bulletin which contains the weekly counsel and important announcements for imminent community activities – usually for the coming week. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, a multiple page edition is published which is a more extensive issue containing the Reflection for the Month, schedule of BLD activities, Teaching schedule, Global prayer petitions, Announcement from Ministries, articles and other write-ups.  Each issue features a one-liner which serves as word of inspiration and guidance.

Apart from publishing the weekly “Living Water”, Word Ministry also publishes a semi-annual edition (July and January) which serves as the venue for all Ministries and Districts to send in their write-ups about the highlights of their activities  and print pictures which are not possible to publish in the weekly issue due to space limitation.

For the maiden issue of “Living Water” semi annual publication in June 2007, Word Ministry held a contest amongst the Mark 10 to send in their artwork with the theme “Let the children come to me”.  It was such an amazing feat for the children starting from age 5 who enthusiastically revealed their artistic abilities.

2. Electronic transfer every week of  the Counsel, Word Sharing Circle Guide and “Living Water” in the Word Website; send notice of upload to all the members  through BLD Mailroom;


3. Electronic transfer monthly of  Word, Themes and Promises and Reflection of the month which is sent by BLD ECSL (Manila); send a notice of upload to all the members through the BLD Mailroom.


Inter-Ministry Activities

1. Coordinate with Prayer Leaders for timely for submission of “Counsel” (or weekly reflection) by Sunday evening to enable those Ministries who need to use it for their LWG held on  the following Monday/Tuesday  will be able to access it in the Word Website.

2. Coordinate with DLCs / District Coordinators for their announcements and articles to be printed in the publication. Deadline for  submission of  has been set for Tuesday at 7:00 PM so that Word Ministry can have at least 2 days to work on page layout and printing prior to Friday Praise and Worship.

3. Coordinate with BLD ECSL Secretariat Coordinator for timely receipt of  the Monthly Word, Themes and Promises; WSC Guide, Monthly Reflections and other information from the Mother Community.


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