About Service Ministry

Foundational Verse

1. [15] "...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."


Service Ministry

The Service Ministry, headed by a Service Coordinator, is the first stage in a member’s discipleship training, primarily to inculcate the virtue of humility and the dignity of manual service to others.

The Service Ministry provides manpower support during training sessions for the Service Ministry and other training sessions when requested by the Teaching Ministry as approved by the District Management Steward.

Service Ministry Coordinator

  1. Ensures manpower services and other necessary support to the BLD Toronto District activities including its Life in the Spirit Seminar, Community/Corporate Prayer Meetings and Eucharistic Celebrations, Community Assemblies; District Disciples Retreats and Recollections.
  2. Ensures manpower services during training sessions when requested by the Teaching Ministry and approved by the District Management Steward.
  3. Provides manpower services and other support to Archdiocesan activities such as CCRC meetings, rallies and other similar activities as approved by the DSL and/or DCS.
  4. Provides pastoral care to Circles Shepherds assigned to the Ministry


Events & Activities, Service Involvements:

a. Weekly Praise & Worship
b. Monthly Service Assembly
b. First Friday Healing Mass
c. Teachings
d. Encounters:

  • Solo Parent Encounters
  • Youth Encounters
  • Family Encounters

e. LSS

  • Solo Parent LSS
  • Youth LSS
  • Toronto LSS
  • Parish Assisted LSS
f. Re-Unions
  • Solo Parent
  • Toronto
  • Parish Assisted
g. retreats
  • Disciples Lenten Retreat
  • Washing of the Feet
h. other activities
  • Family Day
  • Community Day
  • Advent celebration Thanksgiving
i. additional activities participation:
  • Spring dance
  • Community Picnic
  • Fall Dance
  • Lift Jesus Higher Rally
  • Pentecost Rally
  • Midland pilgrimage
  • Christ the King Rally


  • Monthly Service Meetings
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Summer outings


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