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“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations….” Matthew 28:19


BLD’s obedience to this scriptural verse is reflected on its mission as stated in the BLD statutes: “As a communion of encountered families, we are called by the Lord to build communities of disciples of Jesus Christ who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will renew and strengthen our Christian faithful through programs of Christian Encounter (Marriage, Family, Solo/Single Parent, Singles, Youth, and Life in the Spirit Seminars) of Spiritual growth, of Pastoral Care and Poverty Alleviation.”


Prayer Warriors, Sharers, Shepherds, Prayer Leaders, Servers, Praise and Worship Singers, and Leaders, are the ingredients of the Encounter Programs and Life in the Spirit Seminars. Each one without exception is either a committed disciple or a covenanted disciple.

A Committed Disciple is a member who signed the community commitment and sealed by the action of the Holy Spirit at the consecration of the gifts during the Eucharistic Celebration that contains a Preamble and (5) Pledges.

A Covenanted Disciple is a committed disciple who signed the community commitment and sealed by the action of the Holy Spirit at the consecration of the gifts during the Eucharistic Celebration that contains a Preamble and (8) Pledges.


The Discipling Ministry is one of the ministries of the Formation Apostolate. The ministry’s main focus is on the Committed Disciples, specifically in monitoring the process of their discernment to become Covenanted Disciples.

        The Covenanting Process

  • Completion of a prescribed set of teachings
  • Participation in the community activities and ministry works
  • Participation in the Aspirants’ Retreat
  • Participation in the Discipling Sessions with the assigned disciplers
  • Submission of Letter of Intent to Covenant
  • The disciples will be asked to sign the 8-Point Covenant Document
  • Installation as Covenanted Disciples

It is in this process that the Discipling Ministry interacts with various ministries in the community. As the custodian of the Committed Disciples’ teaching database, it works very closely with the Teaching Ministry in its implementation of the Christian Discipleship Formation Program (CDFP) with respect to inviting, validating and sorting prospective attendees ahead of time. It is also in this context that the ministry is always in contact with Class Shepherds and various Ministry Coordinators that Committed Disciples currently belong.



Leadership always involves helping individual group members to move beyond themselves to minister. This means that the leader must be willing to decrease so that his people can increase.

The test of ones leadership style is not retention of information, but whether those over whom one has charge are made more able to minister. The pertinent questions are: Have we trained or coached enough those we have empowered? Who is able to carry on when I am not present?

Christian Leadership is the process of being changed, trained and equipped in every facet of self by the Holy Spirit through the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. Indeed, it is the Lord who disciples us for He is the only Master and Teacher! Leaders are mere facilitators and overseers of the Discipling process.

  • Charlie and Jo Gonzales
  • Al and Sol Crisostomo
  • Dan and Kina Mocorro
  • Monina Malolos
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