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Evangelization in the context of community work

Evangelization refers to the development and implementation of the various Encounter Programs and Life in the Spirit Seminars of the BLD Community, particularly of individual BLD Districts, both for adult and youth ministries. Evangelization aids Mission in the conduct and monitoring of such Encounter Programs and Life in the Spirit Seminars in outreaches and parish-assisted projects.

Programs Under the Evangelization

Administrative Set Up

In the overall organization of the BLD Community, the Evangelization Program is headed by a Servant Leader who oversees the whole program locally and internationally. In every BLD District, Evangelization is under the auspices of the District Council Steward (DCS) for Evangelization. The DCS-Evangelization assigns Program Coordinators for the ME, FE, LSA, PLSG, Liturgy and Praise Ministry.

Specific Program Functions

A. Encounters and LSS
1. Ensure the smooth operation of the various Encounters and LSS of the district in the areas of:

  • Logistics - Availability of pertinent equipment and materials, such as sound system, musical instruments, talk posters/titles, handouts, etc.
  • Venues - Accrediting and short-listing of comfortable, convenient and inexpensive venues.
  • Manpower - Proper identification, development, training and development of Class Shepherds, and generating ample number of Sharers from the Witness Development Program,

2. Ensure adherence to basic guidelines of the various Program Manuals.
3. Ensure high attendance to the LSS by new ME graduates while monitoring Class Shepherds in this endeavor.
4. Ensure that Encounter reunions are being conducted in accordance to the themes and that the Class Shepherds monitor the attendance of the class members to the weekly Community Worship and class reunions.
5. Maintain the directory of Community Coaches and Sharers.
6. Monitor Sharers performance and act as clearing house in the deployment or assignment of Sharers in the Districts’ and outreach Encounters and LSS.

1. Ensure high level of attendance of the LSS graduates (couples only) to the weekly Word Sharing Circle.
2. Ensure the scheduling of all required teachings for PLSG disciples within the specified period.
3. Monitor Class Shepherds in attendance to the Word Sharing Circles, and in providing pastoral care to their lambs.

C. Liturgy
1. Notify the Community members who are interested to become Special Eucharistic Lay Ministers, Readers and Commentators of the scheduled training and seminars.
2. Follow up the annual renewal of commitment of the existing Community Lay Ministers, Readers and Commentators.
3. Take charge of all logistical requirements and paraphernalia needed in all the Eucharistic Celebrations of the District.
4. Coordinate with the Mass participants the Church Liturgical Rites and Community guidelines to be followed.

D. Praise
1. Lead the Community in singing praise to God during Worship and Eucharistic Celebrations– enabling all to fully participate in the expressions of praise through music and song.
2. Maintain and regularly update praise and worship songs for the Community.
3. Participate and provide support to Community Mission activities and outreaches.
4. Coordinate with Homesteads in determining appropriate songs to be used in the Mission fields.
5. Ensure attendance to the Weekly Word Sharing Circles.
6. Aspire for the highest possible quality in the singing of praise by regular practices and, if needed, provide for professional voice coaching to the entire Praise Ministry.

E. Worship
1. Aspire for continuous improvement in the conduct of Worship by the entire
2. Ensure that all Community members have a good working knowledge and deep
appreciation of the Community’s norms on Excellence in Worship.
3. Ensure continuous development of worship leaders both for Community Worship and for outreaches through the conduct of workshops.
4. Conduct a forum for critique of Community Worship that will aid in adherence to the standards provided in the Excellence in Worship as well as the continuous improvement of the Worship Team.

Evangelization’s relationship with Formation with regards to Witness Development

1. Witness Development Program - The conduct of the Witness Development Course is the responsibility of Formation. The primary objective is to help Covenanted Disciples discover their Life Themes as well as appreciate Christ’s calling for each one to proclaim God’s Word through witnessing or sharing.
2. Evangelization’s Invaluable Contribution - The Course Outline/Workshop must be developed with the assistance of Evangelization. Evangelization, being in the “front lines” can contribute to the practical side to sharing by providing insight into the skills needed by sharers for Encounters as well as general feedback from candidates in the various portions of the Weekend Encounter or LSS.
3. Assistance in Developing LSS Sharers – Evangelization assists Formation in identifying possible LSS Sharers.

Evangelization’s relationship with Formation with regards to PLSG

1. Coordinate with Formation (Teaching Ministry) with regards to the schedule and teachers for all PLSG teachings and growth programs.
2. Ensure from Formation that teaching materials and handouts are available during teaching.
3. Coordinate with Pastoral Apostolate of PLSG teachings involving Singles and Solo Parents.

Evangelization’s relationship with Mission with regards to Encounters and LSS

1. Assist Mission Groups (Homesteads) in providing Sharers for outreach Encounters and LSS.
2. Act as clearing house in the assignment of Sharers.
3. Assist in conducting the Rhythm of the Weekend for the sponsoring group before the Encounter Weekend.
4. Ensure the availability of a Praise Group in Mission works.

Duties and Responsibilities

A. Servant Leader – Evangelization

Function Objective

Reporting to the CSL, the Evangelization Servant Leader is responsible for five (5) key components of the evangelization aspect in community life, particularly:

• Marriage & Family Life
• Life in the Spirit
• Post Life in the Spirit Shepherding Group
• Liturgy & Praise
• Worship

Ensure that all Encounter Programs, PLSG, Life in the Spirit, Praise and Liturgy, and Worship in all the Districts are conducted in accordance with the norms and standards of the Community by monitoring the District’s program implementation and recommending policy changes for continuous improvement.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Standardize all Encounter Programs and LSS
 Manualization of Encounter Weekends, such as ME, FE, SE, SPE and YE, including the Spiritual Director’s kit, Presentor’s Kit, reunion formats, as well as the Life in the Spirit Seminar (Adult and Youth).
2. Recommend formulation of Community-wide policies and standards of excellence in Worship, Encounters and LSS.
3. Standardize and systematize periodic and regular reporting by the District Council Steward for Evangelization on program implementation, with particular attention on areas of concern requiring improvement or resolution.
4. Represent the Community in National Organizations wherein the Community is a member organization, such as the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines (MEFP) and Pro-Life Philippines.
5. Participate in national or international events pertaining to important issues affecting marriage and family life.
6. Oversee the affairs of the Evangelization Apostolate as it relates to the Community’s national or international scope of operation or area of coverage and conduct District visitation for dialogue and open communication.
7. Secure the CSL approval on accreditation of all priests, presenters for the Community’s District and District in Process Encounters and to report its updated data on a yearly basis.
8. Monitor all DCS for Evangelization in coordination with DD SL.
9. Maintain and monitor the calendar of all Encounters and LSS in the entire BLD Community.
11. Act as clearinghouse in assigning the Sharers, especially in trans-district assignments.
12. Ensure that Sharers are given intra-District assignments.
13. Maintain and regularly update a roster of Coaches and Sharers by District.
14. Undertake other initiatives, as the Council of Servant Leaders may deem necessary in the pursuit of the Community’s Vision, Mission and Objectives.

B. District Steward – Evangelization

1. Supervise and monitor all Program Coordinators in the operation of each ministry’s activities.
2. Meet with and exercise pastoral care to the Program Coordinators during the weekly Word Sharing Circles.
3. Monitor the progress of and provide counseling to Program Coordinators as required.
4. Recommend possible Encounter Class Shepherds, LSS Coordinators and Worship Leaders for DCS approval.
5. Supervise the development of new Worship Leaders.
6. Prepare the schedule of Worship Leaders on a quarterly basis, coordinating with DCS for Management and for Formation, in assigning persons to do reflections and teachings.
7. Preside over the monthly critique of Worship Leaders, providing the guidelines for such critique.
8. Supervise the Praise Ministry emphasizing pastoral care as equally important as ensuring the physical needs of the Praise Ministry.
9. Supervise the Liturgy Group, ensuring the smooth conduct of the monthly Eucharistic Celebrations and those in other BLD activities requiring the celebration of the Mass.

C. Program Coordinators

1. ME/FE Program Coordinators

  • Implement the program and ensure that each Encounter Weekend is conducted according to the approved guidelines.
  • Develop and recommend Class Shepherds for the Encounters to the Evangelization Steward for DCS approval.
  • Schedule and secure approval of the DCS for the conduct of the Weekend Encounters.
  • Assign Sharers for the Encounter Weekend.
  • Conduct the Rhythm of the Weekend at least one week before the actual sponsorship.
  • Coordinate with Formation (Teaching Ministry) for the Intercessory Workshop for the Sponsoring Class.
  • Conduct the Administrative Talk during the Weekend Encounter.
  • Prepare and submit the Program annual budget.
  • Monitor the Sponsoring Class’ submission of Financial Reports to the District Management Steward after each Encounter Weekend.
  • Monitor Class Shepherds in the conduct of Encounter Class Reunions.
  • Monitor Encounter Class members’ attendance to the weekly Community Worship and monthly Eucharist Celebrations, through their Class Shepherds.

2. LSA Coordinator

  • Oversee the proper conduct of LSS in the Community (Adults and Youth) and in Homestead outreach and parish assisted.
  • Assist the assigned LSS Coordinator in the planning of the District LSS.
  • Coordinate with Formation (Witnessing Development) in developing new sharers for the LSS.
  • Assist the LSS Coordinator in the preparation of the LSS budget and the releases of the same as the need arises.
  • Ensure that all materials are available during the LSS.
  • Ensure that the LSS is conducted in accordance with the policies and guidelines, and that the LSS Manual is followed accordingly.
  • Assist in logistical arrangements for the Orientation, Shepherds Retreat, Invocation Mass, LSS proper and LSS grand reunion.
  • Arrange with Formation (Teaching Ministry) the conduct of the LSS Orientation/s.
  • Monitor the fund raising activities of the LSS Team and ensure that the fund raising is within the approved policies and guidelines of the Community.
  • Monitor the submission of the Financial Report to the Management after the LSS.
  • Submit list of LSS graduates to the PLSG for the discipleship formation program after the LSS Grand Reunion.

3. PLSG Coordinator

  • Coordinate with ME Class Shepherds the attendance of their ME Class members who have taken the LSS to the PLSG regular activities (Word Sharing Circles and Teachings) and submit a compiled summary to the DCS – Evangelization on a regular basis of the attendance of each member.
  • Coordinate with Formation (Teaching Ministry) the schedule and venue for the PLSG teachings. All teachings shall be conducted within the PLSG period.
• New Creation (NCR)
• Growth in Prayer (GIP) 1 & 2
• Basic Bible Seminar (BBS)
• Encounter with Jesus (EWJ) 1 to 4
• Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatika)
• Introduction to Intercession
  • Ensure the availability of all logistical requirements such as sound equipment and materials for the above activities.
  • Coordinate with Singles and Solo Parents PLSG Coordinators for the conduct of the above teachings and ensure high LSS graduates’ attendance.
  • Submit the list, in coordination with Class Shepherds, of the disciples’ transfer to the Service Ministry.
  • Assign Prayer Leaders from the Evangelization Core Group during the WSC.

4. ME and FE Class Shepherd

  • Monitor attendance of Class Members at weekly Community Worship, Word Sharing Circles and required teachings.
  • Ensure the high level of attendance of the class members to the LSS proper.
  • Submit attendance report to the PLSG Coordinator on Community Worship and Teachings and WSC.
  • Recommend the readiness of the disciple after the completion of the PLSG program for transfer to the Service Ministry.
  • Ensure pastoral and shepherding is given to the class.
  • Arrange and attend Class Reunions, and ensure that Reunions are within the guidelines stated in the ME and FE Manual.
  • Ensure the readiness of the Class in their forthcoming ME and FE Sponsorship.
  • Act as the financial custodian of the Class.

5. Liturgy Coordinator

  • Ensure the smooth conduct of all Eucharistic Celebrations of the Community.
  • Ensure that the Church Liturgical Rites and Community guidelines in the conduct of Eucharistic Celebrations are followed, such as the prescribed dress code of the participants.
  • Supervise the Sponsoring Group to ensure that the Priest, Commentator, Readers and Offerors have been assigned and advised.
  • Coordinate with District Management on the Priest’s stipend.

6. Praise Ministry Coordinator

  • Ensure the regular practice of the praise members with the Worship Leader.
  • Help provide professional music director assistance in Community and outreach activities.
  • Coordinate with Homestead all requirements regarding Praise for their Mission work.
  • Ensure that Praise Ministry members are immersed in mission work in the Community outreach program.
  • Assign accredited instrumentalists to play during the encounter weekend and, as much as possible, conduct practice with the sponsoring class at least two (2) sessions before the encounter weekend.
  • Coordinate with Worship Leader the song line up for the Worship.
  • Ensure attendance and participation in the weekly Word Sharing Circle of the Evangelization Core group.
  • Provide pastoral care for the praise members and supervise the conduct of the weekly WSC and practices
  • Assign Prayer Leaders among the praise members for the WSC.
  • Recommend song line-up during Eucharistic Celebrations and other Community activities requiring the presence of the Praise Ministry.
  • Ensure that musical scores, lyrics, acetates are available at all times and are kept updated regularly.
  • Ensure that auditions are held regularly for singers and instrumentalists.
  • Maintain a pool of accredited instrumentalists.
  • Monitor the assignment of the accredited instrumentalists both in BLD activities and in outreaches.

7. Circle Shepherd

  • Preside over the Word Sharing Circle sessions.
  • Aid Circle members in building sound interpersonal relationships with the Lord within the circle, in their respective families and with others, within and outside the Community.
  • Motivate the attendance of Circle members to the Worship Service, Word Sharing Circle sessions, official gatherings of the Community and service in the Community’s mission .
  • Share in Community governance by communicating and fostering the values, norms and policies of the Community.
  • Assist in discipleship formation and ministry development of Circle members.

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