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Council of Servant Leaders

The Council of Servant Leaders is the governing body of  both Districts and the Covenant Community.  They are chosen through a process of emergence, on the basis of service and commitment, nomination and discernment, to the Community Servant Leaders are selected by and confirmed by the Spiritual Director.  The Council is composed of six (6) Servant Leaders and one (1) Head Servant.

The functions of the Council as a body are:

  • To govern the Community and make decisions and directions on community life;
  • To review all teachings given to the Community;
  • To discern God’s Word and its actualization for the Community;
  • To lead the Community through their active presence and witness at all Worship Services and Assemblies;
  • To exercise pastoral care for the Community and her members;
  • To appoint those who exercise responsible pastoral and apostolic service in community

The functions of Servant Leaders and their spouses as couples are:

  • To oversee the spiritual life of individuals, couples and families in the Community, particularly in their assigned centers and institutes.
  • To witness actively  to the Word of God and teachings of the Church particularly on marriage and family life
  • To shepherd the personal lives and service of those under their pastoral care.

The functions of the Head Servant are:

  • To coordinate and support the activities of the Servant Leaders.
  • To preside at meetings of the Council.
  • To ensure the Community-wide concerns are adequately addressed and resolved.
  • When called for by particular situations, to decide on matters which need immediate resolution, and report this to the Council at its next meeting.
  • To exercise pastoral authority   and responsibility for the Council of Servant Leaders.


BLD Toronto Organization Chart

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Offices or functions which render responsible Pastoral and Apostolic Services

  • Servant Leader
  • District Steward
  • District Shepherd
  • Ministry or Program Coordinator
  • Tri-Cord or Penta-Cord Member
  • Homestead Shepherd
  • Circle Shepherd
  • Life in the Spirit Seminar Shepherd
  • Class Shepherd
  • Worship Leader
  • Community Teacher
  • Community or District Instructor
  • Life in the Spirit Sharer

Common Criteria for responsible Pastoral and Apostolic Service

  • Faithful attendance at Community Worship and fruitful presence at Living Word or Word Sharing Circle.
  • Knowledge and observance of the Word of God and Church Teachings.
  • Adherence to and exemplification of Community Values and Norms
  • Active Personal life.
  • Openness to feed-back and critique
  • Good witnessing in Community life as well as private life.

Additional Criteria for Pastoral  Teams in the Marriage and Family

  • Encounters
  • Disciplined prayer life as a couple and/or family.
  • Evidence of and experience in spiritual counseling gifts.
  • Absence of unresolved and serious conjugal or family problems

Additional Criteria for selection of Community Teacher or Instructor

  • Evidence of good witness on the assigned topics
  • Absence of conjugal or family problems that inhibit their teaching effectiveness
  • Demonstration of natural and spiritual teaching gifts

Additional Criteria for the  selection of Worship Leaders

  • Basic understanding of functions of songs and music in worship
  • Facility in exhortation
  • Conjugal (couple) participation in Corporate Worship Service



Central to the BLD Global Community’s success in its mission is the efficient governance and pastoring by the District Council of Stewards.  The DCS is the governing body of the District.  It oversees the operations and activities of the District as a collegial body in complete unanimity.  It has no authority as individuals or as couples.  If the District Council of Stewards is not of one heart and one mind in any proposed action, it should defer to the decision of the Council of Servant Leaders through the District Development Servant Leader and its representative, District Development Deputy (DDD).  Specific policies proposed by the DCS are to be reviewed by the CSL through the District Development Servant Leader and its appointed representative, DDD.  The DCS may recommend but may not decide on matters that are in the realm of Community-wide policies or CSL concerns such as:  Covenanting, Encounter and Life in the Spirit Programs, teachings, imposition of fees, opening of Districts-In-Process or outreaches outside its diocese, or similar functions and activities.

As a body the DCS, gives directions on matters which affect the life of the District, reviews all teachings given to the District, discerns the word as received from the Council and its actualization for the District, leads the District at all prayer meetings and assemblies.

The DCS is not to operate the day-to-day activities of the Apostolate and Ministries under its area of concern.  This is the job of the Apostolate/Ministry Coordinators who shall compose the District Leaders Conference together with the Homestead Shepherds.  However, each Apostolate and Ministry Coordinator must seek approval of his plans from his respective Pastoral Head/District Steward.

As couples, every member of the DCS shall oversee the spiritual life of the District:

  • teaches and exhorts the District
  • be the guardians of the WORD for the District
  • witness actively to the Word of God and the teaching of the Church
  • shepherd the personal life and monitors the service of the Program  Coordinators under their area of concern.

Minimum Criteria for District Council of Stewards are:

  • Must be active covenanted couples
  • Faithful attendance at Community Worship
  • Fruitful  presence at Living Word or Word Sharing Circle.
  • Knowledge and observance of the Word of  God and Church teachings
  • Adherence to and exemplification of Community Values and Norms
  • Active personal prayer life
  • Openness to feed-back and critique
  • Good life witnessing

The DCS is composed of five (5) Stewards:

  • Pastoral Steward
  • Evangelization Steward
  • Formation Steward
  • Management Steward
  • Mission Steward

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